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At Empowered Family Chiropractic we understand that a person’s state of health is never idle. Every decision and action that a person takes moves them in a direction towards optimal health and wellness or sickness and disease.


Empowered Family Chiropractic has created a healthcare strategy that moves people in the direction of optimal health and wellness.


The strategy begins with education. When patients are educated about their health, it empowers them to make the decisions and take the action necessary to achieve optimal health.

It is not a health condition, it is a health decision that determines our health destiny.


The education and understanding that you are in control of your health. Empowered mind encompasses how to harness the power of your emotional state. Delivering the tools and strategies necessary for change.


The focus of empowered spine is on corrective wellness chiropractic care. The body is a self healing and regulating organism. The nerve system controls and coordinate the function of all the tissues, organs, and systems of the body and it relates and adapts the body to it's environment. The purpose of empowered spine is to correct function of the spine in order to maximize nervous system integrity and increase the overall health potential.


Create an environment in your body that is congruent with health. Distinguish empowering foods(foods that support health) from disempowering foods(foods that support sickness and disease). Learn the principles in terms of physical fitness and energy expenditure required for health.

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